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Students can access most of the online programs through the Elementary Bookmarks folder in the Chrome Browser. If you are on a home device, the student must be logged into the Chrome Browser in order to see the Elementary Bookmarks folder. If you have successfully logged in, you will see your child's login icon in the top right hand corner of the browser.

These programs are linked to the student's school email address. Many of these links will first direct you to the Clever login hub and then you will click on the icon of the program you wish to access.



Clever is a log-in hub for multiple resources. Once you have logged in, you will see icons for different programs that students can access. This is the direct link:

Most of the links in the Elementary Bookmarks folder take you to this hub.


Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is now accessed through the Clever Portal! In the Elementary Bookmarks folder click on Accelerated Reader/Star Reading/Math.

Then click on the Renaissance icon.

Renaissance Home Connect Email Set Up

This process will allow parents to set up an email that will be sent to them whenever the child takes an AR Test or completes a STAR Reading test. t=266487

Username: b.smith123456 (the first part of your child's email address)

Password: a7 (your child's room number)

Once logged in, you will see an orange icon in the right hand corner that says Home Connect Email. Click on the icon and follow the set up instructions.

My Math

Available through Elementary Bookmarks and uses the Clever login hub. Click on the Math (K-5) link.


HMH Think Central (English Language Arts Series)

Available through the Elementary Bookmarks and uses the Clever login hub. Click on ELA (Journeys K through 5).


Typing Agent

Go to Click on “Log in with Google”. Then click on the Typing Agent icon. Student must be logged into Google.




If your teacher has not provided a specific classroom code, you can use the principal's code: Classroom Code: ZKD-3729


Prodigy Math